Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ramblings and Rattlings

... in my head ...

Okay, second time at this first blog post (I deleted the first one by mistake ... Duh!!) and edited it to this one as I have no clue what I had written in the first one (note to self: learn to back-up!!). And to think my first piece I created was going to have to a 'Wow, I did this' effect. Actually I can believe I did this - DELETED the first piece after publishing it and with no clue how!!!

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog over the last few days or whether I will be able to keep it going due to time restraints but at least it is a start. All I know is I have lots of stuff, things and ideas in my head I want to share ... I want to share lots of photos of things I may be creating at the time or created in the past. In future posts, I want to include step by steps. I want to share lots of giggles and quotes that go "Ping" in my head or heart.

Here is the first photo I want to share simply because it has two things I love and where the name for my blog comes from (yes it is a bit of a mouthful) ... It has a butterfly, lots of glitter and for fun you can even rock it. Flutterfly Kisses pattern can be downloaded from

Having rambled and rattled a bit and lightened the weight in my head by starting this blog after days of it weighing me down I will sleep a bit better tonight knowing I am on a new journey in which I can not only share with you but learn a lot from everyone.

Lots of fun, love and laughter Tina Cox.


  1. Love this card, and for someone who yesterday didn't know how to write a blog it looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you Moira. It has definitely been challenging. :) x

  3. Looking forward to seeing your designs for the Groovi plate. Hope you and your family are keeping well. Kind regards Sandra.😊