Monday, 8 July 2019

Growing a Snowflake

Good morning. How's everyone? It's a bit odd doing snowflakes in summer but I love them so I'm absolutely enjoying this journey go growing snowflakes in July. I love Christmas and as much as it sounds weird to make Christmas cards 'so early' in the year it is something I enjoy doing. A lot of us make our Christmas cards for our friends and families and a lot of them are parchment cards which take a little bit longer to make so an early-ish start is good. 

This is one of my snowflakes that grew while I was playing with the snowflake duet plates.

Here is the photo step by step of growing a snowflake from one of the snowflakes from the Snowflakes Duets Collection A5 Square Groovi Plate and Grid set (GRO-WI-41286-03). The embossed dots are done on the back with the Pergamano 1.5mm embossing tool (or Groovi No.2 tool) and the perforating is done on the front using the bold 1-Needle perforating tool.

1.) To start my snowflake I embossed the dots of the top right snowflake (under the word Groovi read right way up on the plate) from the Large Snowflake Grid plate.

2.) Take the parchment off the snowflake grid and stick it on to the Diagonal Basic Grid (GRO-GG-40201-12) so the embossed dots slide/fit into the holes of the diagonal grid. Start extending dots from the section between the arms of the snowflake. Repeat between each section.

3.) Emboss dots extending out from the arms of the snowflake.

4.) Remove the parchment from the grid, turn over to the front and realign the dots on the grid before sticking it and perforate inside and outside the embossed dots.

5.) Picot cut between all the perforations.

Here are some more snowflake examples, small one and grown ones, that my baby girl helped me with and turned them into Christmas tree or wall hangings.

Hope this blog piece is useful and makes sense. Looking forward to seeing lots of snowflakes everyone creates. All the Groovi plates and products are available from

Enjoy. Take Care.

Love and laughter

Saturday, 18 May 2019


Hi All. Okay so its taken me awhile to revisit my blog and create something for it. But Life Happens I guess. With best intentions I think I will blog every few days and next thing I know my few days have turned into months.

I go to a Groovi group at Coleman's (East Northants Groovi Group) in Rushden which is organised by Rosalind McLellan and Lynda Hidderley. Once a month it is on a Monday and on a Saturday and it is my happy place. If you love Groovi and are in the area try and pop in and say hello. You bring whatever you want to work on, chat and have a giggle and there is always someone to help. For more details, contact Ros or Lynda or look for the East Northants Groovi Group on FB ( The card I'm about to share the steps for has taken me months (not literally but literally ... I think! Lol), It has card I took to the groovi meet each month and I did a bit more each time ... literally just 'a bit' as I spend most of my time chatting, giggling, hugging, eating cake and chocolate and drinking tea. This group has literally become my lifeline as my bestest friends are there and I have had the privilege and honour to make lots more friends through it and there is definitely lots of love, support and care.

Well, last week I finally finished the card so lets do a step by step ...

Groovi Plates used:
Nested Scallops Squares Extension - GRO-WO-41168-15
Tina's Henna Petites - U Beauty - GRO-PA-41082-01
Tina's Allium Flower Parchlet - GRO-FL-40973-01
Tina's Forget Me Not Flower Parchlet - GRO-FL-40970-01

All the embossing and colouring has been done on the back and all the perforating and picot cutting has been done on the front.

1.) Emboss the frame and the first set of double square outlines and scallops.

2.) Emboss the henna corners and squares in the frame.

3.) Emboss the Alliums in the squares.

4.) Emboss the words.

5.) In the frame border, emboss the forget me nots and leaves.

6.) Emboss all the in circles and the hearts

7.) On the back, colour the sections seen below using Perga Liner B pencils and blend with Dorso oil.

8.) On the back, colour the forget me nots, leaves and allium flower centres using the Perga Colours Exclusive pens.

9.) On the front, using the bold 2-needle perforating tool, perforate between the leaves, forget me nots and frame and inside and outside the scallops (oops forgot to take a photo of this stage). Picot cut between all the perforations. 
10.) Layer and mount the work on Rainbow River designer paper and white card using brads. Add a bit of sparkle on the embossed circles and hearts using sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga glitter.

Now the question is, 'What will I do next month?'

All the products are available from

Enjoy. Take care.

Love and Laughter

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Camomile & Friends in a Fairy Background

Hiya. I started playing with the Fairy Background and Camomile & Friends plates a few days ago and was able to finish the project yesterday when I went to the East Northants Groovi Group. It was such a fab day. Met up with lots of friends and made more while there. We laughed, chatted, hugged and ate cake and ice cream (both home made ... Jean made a carrot cake and Roz made vanilla ice-cream and lemon merengue ice-cream). I had made more foamiran flowers a couple of days ago so decided to put them on the project too. And there is lots ... and lots ... and lots of glitter.

Groovi Plates used:
Fresh Cut Dies - Nested squares
Nested Squares Picot Outlines (GRO-PA-41035-15)
Fairy Background Round GRO-FY-40949-03
Camomile & Friends Round GRO-FL-41022-01
Lace Corners GRO-PA-40126-09
Straight Basic Grid GRO-GG-40384-14

1.) Picot cut the 2nd from outside square from the nested picot dies and emboss the double square outlines from the corresponding picot outlines plate.

2.) In the middle, emboss the circles and the design between the circles from the fairy background plate.

3.) Emboss the floral design from the camomile & friend plates slightly offset from the centre.

4.) Emboss the rest of the design from the fairy background plate 

5.) In the corners, emboss the design from the lace corners plate.

6.) Freehand emboss in the floral design and the lace corners.

7.) Between the double circle outlines, emboss dots over the basic straight grid.

8.) Colour on the back with Perga Liner B pencils and blend using a blender pen/nibs and Dorso oil. I added my glitter using sticky ink and Perga glitter at this point because I thought I may as well feel happy looking at the sparkle while I do all the perforating and cutting between all those sections. As a general rule I tend to leave my glittering till the end. 

9.) Perforate on the front using a 2 needle perforating tool and picot cut between the perforations.

10.) Mount the work on Indian Summer designer paper and white card using brads and stick it on 8"x8" folded white card. Stick flowers and ribbon on the bottom right corner.

I'm off to do my next set of instructions for my workshop at The Forget Me Not Kraft Kabin, Rochford, Essex in November. It's a 'Lots of Words' kinda day.

Enjoy. Take Care.

Love and laughter

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Playing with Foamiran

Good Evening. Yesterday, I finally finished prepping for my shows on Thursday on Hochanda and decided to have a play with Foamiran. I had first come across the flowers made from it on Nick Roberts FB page and blog ( He makes the most amazing flowers with Foamarin and the roses are out of this world. So I asked him for help a few days ago and he steered me in the right direction which I am so grateful for. The roses are a long way away for me to try yet but I had so much fun creating a few simple flowers. For me the hardest part was to try and hold it and stretch the foam gently but hopefully with more playtime I'll find a way that works for me. And I promised Nick I would not throw away my first flower. I don't know about you, but when I make something I stash it away somewhere only to find it years later all falling apart. So I decided I would put these flowers directly onto a card and I had the perfect project for it.

The Groovi piece I put the flowers on was one I had started a few weeks ago but did not like where it was going so I had abandoned it ... till today. I'll do the Groovi part in step by step photos. The flowers can be replaced by any flowers you may have. If you want to try Foamarin, there are lots of videos on YouTube to help you get started. Here is what the finished project looks like ...

Groovi Plates Used:-
Nested Squares GRO-PA-40037-03
Nested Scallops Circles GRO-PA-40558-03
Leafy Swirl GRO-TR-40338-03
Linda's Aquilegia & Lace GRO-FL-40920-03
Straight Basic Grid GRO-GG-40202-12
Gratitude and Sending Word Chains GRO-WO-40564-09

1.) Emboss the largest square and largest double circle outlines on regular parchment.

2.) Emboss the leafy swirls in the circle.

3.) Emboss the lace in the corners.

4.) Over the basic straight grid, emboss dots over alternate holes in the circle and every hole outside the circle.

5.) Freehand emboss in the lace corners using ball tools and small shader.

6.) On the back, colour the leafy swirl and between the double circle outlines with Perga Colours Exclusive pens and outside the circle, colour with Perga Liner B pencils and blend with blending nibs and Dorso oil.

7.) On the front, perforate inside the leaves using the bold 2-needle perforating tool and picot cut between the perforations.

8.) On pink parchment, emboss the word and colour on the back with Perga Colours Exclusive pen. Tear on the top and bottom.

9.) Mount the regular parchment piece and word on pink parchment and white card using brads. Stick this on Indian Summer designer paper and 8"x8" folded white card. Add a little sparkle in the lace corners with Perga Glue and Perga Glitter. Finally stick the flowers and leaves on the card with silicone glue.

Well the flowers are a new addiction for me so I'm off to make some more because we can never have too many flowers ... Nor chocolate ... Nor cake ... Nor popcorn ... Nor tea ... Nor ice-cream ... Nor love heart sweets ... Nor ... 

Enjoy. Take Care.

Love and Laughter

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Where Flowers Bloom

Good Evening. I thought I was just addicted to cake and chocolate but I am addicted to the Fresh Cut Picot dies, paper flower embellishments ( and the floral moon groovi plate. I cannot stop using these on everything. And I used the parchlet plates ... Again!

These are the Picot Dies & Groovi plates I used:
- Alphabet A5 Square Groovi Plate Mate
- Alphabet and Numbers A4 Square Groovi Plate Mate
A6 Square Groovi Plate Inset
- Fresh Cut Dies - Nested squares, Nested Circles
- Nested squares picot outlines (GRO-PA-41035-15)
- Nested circles picot outlines (GRO-PA-41069-15)
- Tina's Daisy Flowers Parchlet (GRO-FL-40972-01)
- Tina’s Wild Flowers Parchlet (GRO-FL-40974-01)
- Floral Moon (GRO-FL-40446-03)
- Flower Rounds Groovi Go! Safer Plate (GRO-FL-41027-20)

1.)  On soft tone blue parchment, with the cutting side of the picot die down on the matt side of the parchment, cut the largest square. On regular parchment, cut the circle using the 3rd from outside die and a window using 3rd from inside picot die.

2.) On the back, attach the parchment to the corresponding Groovi plate and emboss the double outlines for the square and circle.

3.) To emboss the circles inside the window on the blue parchment, attach the round piece on the blue parchment on the front, turn the work over to the back and emboss the double outlines.

4.) On the blue parchment, emboss the parchlet designs in the corners and along the sides of the square and the words in the window. On the regular parchment, emboss the floral moon design around the circle.

5.) On the back, colour using the Perga Colours Exclusive pens and on the front paint gold dots using the Kuretake gold mica paste (

6.) Layer and mount the pieces onto regular parchment and white card using brads and stick this on 7"x7" folded white card. Stick the paper flowers around the window. I used didi glue dots but Silicone glue would work too. If you use a lot of flowers, a wet glue will make the parchment buckle but if you were using only a few flowers, a teeny tiny amount of Perga Glue would be fine.

I hope you enjoyed today's project and looking forward to seeing everyone's creations using the dies, paper flowers and any of the other products which are all available from

Take care. Enjoy.

Love and laughter

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Stencil and Groovi Meet

Good morning. How is everyone? It has turned really cold in the last few days so I'm finding it hard to sleep at night as my bones really don't like the cold. I think I may need to invest in an electric blanket.  At mum's, we have the roofers doing some work in her conservatory as it was leaking (a bit closer to raining indoors every time it rained). So the whole roof came off last week (still no roof) to be replaced. Not the best timing as it poured over the weekend and as much as they tried to protect us from rain, it rained still inside.

Yesterday I went to the East Northants Groovi Group which is organised on one Saturday and one Thursday each month by Rosalind Mclellan and Lynda Hidderley at Colemans Craft Warehouse in Rushden. We take our own projects we want to work on, help one another, chat, giggle, drink tea/coffee, eat chocolate, eat cake (made by Jean Page Burt - Thank you Jean, it was so yummy) and yesterday there was homemade ice cream too by Ros (Thank you Ros. I'm drawing up a list of flavours I would like so its easier for you each month). It was so lovely to meet up with everyone in such a relaxed fun way and cannot wait till next month for all the hugs, cake and ice cream. If you are in the area it is so worth popping in and for dates you can request to Ros to add you to the group page on Facebook .

I have to be honest, I spent most of my time there chatting and distracting everyone and I am glad everyone there loves me enough to not mind. Lol. I had started a card with an idea a few weeks ago and was working on it 5mins here, 5 mins there so was determined to get it finished while I was there. I have taken as many photos as I could remember to take. It is a combination of using a stencil and various Groovi plates.

Groovi Plates Used:
Nested Squares Picot Cut Die & Groovi Plate Set (ACC-DI-30698-66)
Trellis Stencil 9"x11" (STE-PA-00027-91)
Floral Moon (GRO-FL-40446-03)
Tina's Morning Glory Flowers Parchlet (GRO-FL-40969-01)
Nested Scallops Circles (GRO-PA-40558-03)
Straight Basic Grid (GRO-GG-40202-12)

1.) Using the picot nested squares Fresh Cut die, cut the largest square frame and 3rd from inside square frame on regular parchment and emboss the corresponding squares from the Groovi plate.

2.) On the back of the large square, lay the stencil on top of the parchment and using masking tape, mask around the inside square outline. Using the artistry ink and clarity brush, dry brush the colour over the parchment.

This is what it looked like once the masking tape was removed.

3.) While the ink is drying on the large square, I embossed the parchlet from the morning glory plate on the small square.

4.) From the front, deboss the 2nd from inside double circle outlines from the nested scallops circles plate.

5.) On the back, over the straight basic grid, emboss dots between the double set of squares.

6.) On the back, emboss the circles in the little flowers and colour the little flowers and leaves using Perga Colours Exclusive pens. Colour the gem on the front (see below on how to) with Perga Liner B pencils. Deboss between the double circle outlines around the gem. By debossing it gives the illusion the gem is popping out of the parchment. Add a little sparkle on the circles using Pergamano sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga glitter.

Here is how I do my gems on parchment and everyone has a different way of doing them. Look up on YouTube for different ways of colouring gems. By reading lots of blurb on google about uploading a pdf on here I have tried to upload the file for you to download and print if you wish but not sure it has worked so I'm attaching a photo of it even though it is small. Click on this link and hopefully you can view it and download it.

On my gem above, I have not added cracks so it is optional. If  you do not have the Derwent blender and burnisher pencils, you can use your Pergamano Perga Liner B pencils and blend the colours using the blending nibs and Dorso oil to give the gems a smooth finish. I mounted the parchlet piece on northern lights designer paper, white card and black card using brads.

7.) Going back to the large square, emboss the floral moon design on the back in the coloured stencil sections.

8.) On the back, emboss the circles and colour the flowers and leaves using Perga Colours Exclusive pens. Add a little sparkle on the circles using Pergamano sticky ink, mapping pen and Perga glitter.

9.) To finish, mount the large square on northern lights designer paper, white card and black card using brads and stick this on 8"x8" folded white card. Stick the parchlet piece in the centre using 3D foam pads.

I really enjoyed creating this one and as it gave me a chance to play with the stencil that I've had for a couple of years but never used. If you liked seeing this card using a stencil and Groovi plates, here is a slightly different way of using the 2 together.

Off to have some breakfast and do some design work ... and try and warm up.

Take Care. Enjoy.

Love and laughter