Sunday, 26 March 2017


Good Afternoon and wishing all mums out there a Very Happy Mother's Day.

I had such fun with the new Groovi plates that Rossella is showcasing today on Hochanda at 11, 2 and 5. I am completely in love with the nested scallop rectangles, ovals, squares and circles plates. If you do not have them yet, a definite must to put your wish lists.

I only had time to play with the Topaze plate so here is what I created ...

Plates used:
A5 Rectangle - Nested Scallop Rectangles
A4 Straight Basic Piercing Grid
A4 Square - Nested Squares Extended
Border Plates - Straight Border Pattern Piercing Grid No. 1

Step by Steps to create this card ...

Step 1 -  Emboss, on regular parchment, the rectangles 4 with the scallops and 5 (I think) from the inside on the nested scallop rectangles plate.

Step 2 - Emboss Topaze inside the rectangle and the filigree design outside the rectangle edges.

Step 3 - Emboss rectangles around the filigree work leaving one set of rectangle/scallop between the design.

Step 4 - Emboss the Honesty plant leaves (or are these the flowers?) with a large followed by medium ball tools.

Step 5 - Still working on the back, roughly colour Topaze with bendable pencils.

Step 6 - Using blending solution and a paper stump, blend the pencil work so the colour is smooth, removing the rough pencil lines. Between the borders, I used Perga Colours Exclusive felt pens to color but you could use the pencils.

Step 7 - On the front, with a 2 needle perforating tool, perforate inside the scallops and inside and outside the filigree work.

Step 8 - Cut between the perforations with parchment craft scissors or Perga Cutters.

Step 9 - On pale blue parchment, with the glossy darker side up, emboss the largest square from the extended nested squares plate. Inside the square, emboss the pattern from the straight border pattern plate No. 1.

Step 10 - Turn the piece around to the front, align the dots on the A4 straight piercing grid, and perforate the holes inside the pattern dots.  Work one edge at a time and turn the parchment around on the grid for the next edge.

Step 11 - On the back, emboss the extra Honesty plant stems on the left and right side of the square and emboss in the leaves.

Finishing - Mount the Topaze piece on the trimmed pale blue piece and the designer backing paper using brads. Stick this whole piece on a 8x8 folded white card. I added a few sequins on the card and also used Wink of Stella on the leaves to add a bit of sparkle.

Well that's it for this piece and hope everyone gets to watch the shows today for lots more inspiration and ideas from the amazingly talented design team and Rossella herself.

Take Care and Enjoy.

Love and laughter

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

'Tis My Faith

Good Evening,

Did you catch Maria on Hochanda today. Bet there was lots to learn and lots of inspiration from the Clarity design team. I have not watched the shows as I was on hospital rounds with my dad but I have recorded them so will watch them tomorrow after the kids are sent off to school. Unfortunately I was unable to help with samples for the show so I thought I would create a step by step to put on here ... Any excuse to have a little play with these gorgeous new Groovi plates.

Plates Used:
A5 Square - Lily of the Valley, Daffodils, Scalloped Nested squares, Basic Diagonal Grid
A6 Square - Vases

Step 1 - On regular parchment paper, emboss the pretty border on the Lily of the Valley plate to make a square. Emboss part of the 4th from the outside scallop nested square and also use this plate to emboss extra borders on the top and bottom as seen in the photo (that part is too difficult for me to describe in words. Lol).
This is what it looks like on the back.

Step2 - Emboss the verse - I broke it down into 4 lines and moved it around the square and rectangle.

Step 3 - Emboss the pot from the baby vase plate and the flowers and leaves growing out of the pot from the Daffodils and Lily of the Valley plates

Step 4 - Over the Basic Diagonal Grid, emboss dots on the pot using the No2 ball tool. To create a light texture, rub the ball tool lightly between the rectangle and the square on the grid.

Step 5 - Colour on the back. I used the Pergamano Perga Colours Exclusive this time but Distress Markers or Pencils would work very well too.

Step 6 - Emboss the 4 petal flowers around the border and in the rectangles between the double outlines using the No4 followed by No3 ball tools.
This is what it looks like on the front so far.

Step 7 - Using artistry ink pads or distress ink pads brush some colour on the back around the work after masking the rectangle area.

Step 8 - On the front, inside the scallops, perforate using the 2-needle perforating tool.

Step 9 - Cut between the perforations using parchment scissors or Perga Cutters.

Step 10 - Cut the worked parchment piece to size as well as blue and regular parchment squares (14x14cm) and designer paper from the Brighton Rock Clarity paper pad (16.5x16.5cm). Attach all these pieces together using brads between the 4 petal flowers (I got carried away but 1 in each corner would be enough). Stick this whole piece on folded white card (17x17cm).
To finish, stick sequins on the card and add a bit of sparkle on the flowers using Wink of Stella (unfortunately the camera did not pick up the sparkle).

Well, that's it from me. I'm going to bed... Maybe...

Take Care. Enjoy.

Love and laughter

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Filigree Butterfly

Good Evening.

It's been a while since I was on here but as I am having a quiet Sunday (a novelty) I thought I would give my poor neglected blog some attention. I had taken photos of the step by steps for this project a couple of months ago when the poetry Groovi plates were the One Day Special but hadn't got round to blogging it. Seeing as most of you who ordered the plates must have got them by now, you can give it a go, especially if you like this sort of filigree work. If you haven't got them yet, it would great to put into your wish lists.

Plates Used
A5 Rectangle - Nested Rectangles, Happiness is a Butterfly, Serenity Prayer, Sunbeam Moonbeam, May the Road Rise
A5 Square - Floral Circle

I have done all the embossing on the back, colouring on the back and perforating and cutting on the front.

1.) Emboss the butterfly frame from the Happiness is a Butterfly plate on regular parchment paper and part of the double rectangles from the Nested Rectangles plate. This is what it looks like on the back.

2.) Emboss the tree from the May the Road Rise plate on the other side of the partly embossed rectangles. Place the parchment back on the Nested Rectangles plate and finish embossing the rectangles missing out the embossed tree. In the centre of the frame emboss the hanging stems from the Serenity plate, the landscape and sun from the Sunbeam Moonbeam plate, the birds from the May the Road Rise plate, butterfly and the word 'happiness' from the Happiness is a Butterfly plate.
This is what it looks like on the front.

3.) Emboss inside the circles around the frame and the ovals inside the butterfly wings. I coloured using distress markers on the back as in my next step I am going to use pencils and blending solution to colour inside the rectangle.

4.) Using bendable pencils, colour the sky in yellow, red, pink, purple, dark blue, light blue and the hills in green. As you can see, I have just scribbled the colour on. When you do this, do not use the point of the pencil but use it colour lead flat against the paper so that there are no sharp lines.

5.) Blend the colours using blending solution and a paper stub. 
Emboss the design from the Floral Circle plate between the double rectangles.
This is what it looks like on the front.

6.) Perforate inside and outside the filigree butterfly frame using a 2-needle perforating tool.

7.) Cut between the perforations with parchment scissors or Perga cutters. Mount this piece on Clarity designer backing paper and black card using brads in the rectangle corners and stick this whole piece on a folded white card.

8.) On a spare piece of parchment, emboss a butterfly and colour the body on the back. Perforate inside and outside the wings and cut between the perforations.

9.) Stick the white butterfly on the butterfly on the main card as a 3D element with the teeny tiniest amount of Perga Glue on the back.

I hope I have not missed any steps as I explained this was created a while back. If I have .... Oooops and Sorry. Don't forget to watch Maria Simms with some stunning/gorgeous new Groovi plates on Wednesday 15th March between 1-2 and 5-6 on Hochanda.

Take Care. enjoy.

Love and laughter

Monday, 6 February 2017

Fixing the 'Uh-Ohs'!

Good evening.

Thank you very much to everyone for the amazing experience, kind and encouraging words yesterday. A special mention to Barbara Gray, Paul Church, Alex, the presenter, on Hochanda for the encouragement when I was preparing to flee out of the building from the nearest fire exit. I did not look up much at the cameras as I never knew which one was being used and I was too petrified to look up. But from what I have read they were excellent so really pleased everyone got to see what I waffled and stuttered about.

And a HUGE MASSIVE thank you to Emma Burns for the gorgeous scissors pouch she made for me. It even had my name on and that got me even more excited. It is absolutely stunning and such a kind and generous thing to do for me. Really really touched by the gesture and it has become a forever keepsake for me to admire. Barbara blogged the step by steps if anyone is interested in making one on

When I turned on the TV this morning to watch Barbara with the One Day Special, I heard it had sold out and the restock was sold out during Paul's show at 12.00. I am not surprised as the poetry plates are absolutely gorgeous and such a pleasure to work with. So today I will blog the step by steps of one of the samples I did for the show.

Looking at this, it looks like it was created without any problems and very smoothly... Ha! When I have spent any amount of time creating something I hate throwing it out and starting again. So I usually look for quick fixes. And it normally means adding 3D elements such as butterflies, flowers, tags, ... Now you know why so many of my cards have extra butterflies on them. 

Let's start with this one and I'm sure you will see the mistake as soon as you see the photo so I will not point it out.

1.) Emboss the largest square from the Nested Squares plate and the deer from the Woodland Animals plate. This is now the back of your work.

2.) Emboss the grass from the Serenity Prayer plate.

3.) Of course I couldn't leave the landscape the way it was so decided to add some more grass from the plate and the landscape from the Sunbeam Moonbeam plate. Love this landscape and the trees are just so cute that I added a few more trees and a sun from the plate. If I was not rushing for time, I probably would have ended up with a forest in the background. I also added swirls in one corner of the square and around the square from the Calligraphy Swirls plate. This photo is of the front of the work.

4.) I coloured the design on the back using Distress Markers.

5.) Emboss the corner swirl on the back starting with the largest ball tool ad working down the tool sizes with each layer. Let the parchment rest between layers to get white embossing without the bulking of the paper. This is what mine looks like on the front.

6.) On the Straight Basic Grid, perforate on the front the design using the Groovi 1-needle tool. 

7.) Turn the parchment over and stick it back on the grid after aligning the perforated holes and emboss between the perforations on the back.

8.) On the front cut between the perforations to create this lace effect.

9.) With the 2-needle tool, on the front, perforate between and outside the swirls around the square.

10.) Cut between the perforations with parchment scissors or Perga cutters.

So who picked up on my 'Uh Oh' moment? Poor soul has a grass stem going right up through his bum. OUCHY!! I needed to fix this otherwise I would not have been able to sleep through the night feeling guilty about causing so much distress to the deer.

11.) So here is my fix ... Emboss the words Serenity, Courage and Wisdom from the Serenity Prayer plate on a scrap piece of parchment and emboss a rectangular frame around them using the Nested Rectangles plate.

12.) And to finish, cut out the word tags and backing paper tags slightly larger than the parchment. Mount everything on a designer backing paper (18.5x18.5cm) and black card (19x19cm) using brads on either side of the tags. Stick this whole piece onto a folded white card (20x20cm). See everything hidden ... PHEW!

That is all for today as I think I have rambled a lot already. Enjoy.

Love and laughter

Friday, 20 January 2017

Friends Don't Bite One Another

Good Afternoon.

Have you seen the new Groovi plates and aren't they beautiful? We could have so much fun with them. Demos by Maria and all the beautiful inspiration from the design team always leaves me in awe at not just how amazing everyone's creations are but how the same Groovi plates can be used in so many different ways depending on how everyone interprets them. I love the fact that with this system, parchment craft has become so much more accessible and easier to use by everyone and also with it you become the designer of your creations.

Today, I will go through the steps of this cat and fish card. I see this pair as friends and believe the cat is looking out for his little friend.

All the embossing and colouring on this card has been done on the back and the perforating and cutting from the front.

1.) Emboss the largest square from the A5 Nesting Squares plate followed by the cat from the A5 Feline Delights - Cat Back plate and the second largest square around the cat. This photo is what it looks like on the back of the card.

2.) To put the drapes and curtain, emboss the designs from the A4 Oooh-La-La Knickers plate that was designed by the lovely Linda Williams and the A5 Large Lace Netting plate. You can have so much fun with the set of Oooh-La-La Knickers and Bra plates and they are jam packed with so many designs that can be used on other Groovi designs that for me it a must have.

3.) Emboss the fish bowl from the A5 Meow plate on a side table created with A5 Nesting Square plate for the table top, frilly dangle with the A4 Oooh-La-La Knickers plate and the base stand with the A6 Vases plate.

4.) Emboss in the drapes, curtain, bowl, side table with shader tools, Pergamano 6mm and 4.5mm ball tools and Groovi no. 3 and 2 ball tools.

5.) On the side table base stand, emboss dots from the A5 Diagonal Basic Piercing Grid. Between the double square outline, emboss the flower design which is the 4th one on the Diagonal Border Pattern Piercing Grid 1 border plate.

6.) Colour the design on the back using Distress Markers. To choose what colours I wanted to use, I decided on my backing paper first and then picked the pen colours that matched the backing paper.

7.) Perforate (sorry I forgot to take a photo of the perforating step) using a 2-needle perforating tool between the embossed sections on the curtain. On the frilly part of the curtain and on the table cloth, perforate with a 1-needle perforating tool in each of the the 3 white embossed circle-y bits (couldn't think of what to call them and am hoping you can see which bits I trying to say. Lol). Cut between all the 2-needle perforations with parchment scissors or Perga Cutters.

8.) On the excess part of the parchment, emboss the ribbon from the A4 Oooh-La-La Knickers plate, Perforate around the bow with the 2-needle perforating tool and cut between the perforations.

9.) To finish, cut outside the square and mount it on a backing paper from the Northern Lights Designer Pack and black card using brads. Stick this whole piece on folded white card. Stick the cut out bow on the curtain with a tiny dot of Perga Glue or Pva glue that dries clear.

These are the other 3 samples I made with the new Groovi plates for the show.

 I had a really 'Mice' time making them and 'Fishing' I had more time to play.

All plates available from Enjoy.

Love and laughter