Monday, 18 January 2016

Home ...

Good Afternoon,

I started my crafty session determined to do something parchment, started and then it did not work out as I saw it in my head when I first started and got rid of it. I ran out of patience and was getting no inspiration on how to fix it so moved on to something else.

Today I had Meg at home as she is on study leave and had no exams today. So we sat and made little quirky houses using lots of patterned papers, a bit of doodling and adding extra colours with watercolour paints. Needless to say lots of fun and giggles were had this morning making these ...

Not sure what to do with these at the moment but At least I will have one home on hand when I need one ... If I can find them at the time once they go into a safe place.

Lots of Fun, Love and Laughter Tina Cox