Thursday, 14 January 2016

Early Start

... Too Early ...

It was an early start today with various hospital appointments which means I can get this piece done early ... Feeling very organised already.

Let's share today a doddle I did in my doodle book last week, which is ...

Since this blog idea started this pattern has been swimming alongside it in my head ... I thought it would look nice as a parchment card and I could put it on the website as a free pattern. After the scribble on paper, I felt it needed a bit of tweeking and redrawing in the drawing package and created the doodle into this ...

But then I thought why stop there. It was calling out for a mini tutorial on how I went about making the parchment card ... So tomorrow I will post the pattern on and the photo step by steps on here ... I hope.

The rest of my day consists of one more hospital appointment this afternoon and then play time ... I go see my kids this evening so very excited. Love them to bits and then some more.

Lots of Fun, Love and Laughter Tina Cox