Friday, 7 September 2018

Snowflake Parchlet

Good Morning. Who is coming to Leyburn tomorrow? I am so excited because I get to spend the whole day with friends, demo, eat lots of sweets and chocolate and get to be in the happiest place for the day. This week has been quite a roller coaster week with lots of downs but the ups definitely more than made up for the downs thanks to the love, support and encouragement from all my friends on FB. All the more reason to look forward to tomorrow.

One of the things I did to find the happy me (other than eat tons of chocolate) is create this parchlet and actually remembered to take step by step photos ... Lots of photos!

Groovi Plates Used:
Nested Squares Picot Cut Die & Groovi Plate Set (ACC-DI-30698-66)
Tina's Christmas Baubles (GRO-CH-41009-15)
Small Snowflake Duet Plate & Grid Set (GRO-GG-40762-XX)
Diagonal Pattern No.1 Grid (GRO-GG-40354-14)

All products available at

1.) Using the nested squares picot cut die, cut the 3rd from inside square and using the corresponding Groovi plate, emboss the double square outlines. If you don't have the die/Groovi set, you can use the 4th from inside double square outlines from the nested scallops squares (GRO-PA-40573-03) which will give you a slightly larger square and using the 2-needle perforating tool and scissors, it can be cut out at the end.

2.) Emboss the bauble inside the square.

3.) Emboss the snowflake from the snowflake outline plate inside the bauble.

4.) Emboss the dots inside the snowflake from the corresponding snowflake on the snowflake grid plate.

5.) Emboss the circles and the bow.

6.) Still on the back, using the Perga Liner B pencil, colour the area between bauble and the snowflake and between the double square outlines.

7.) Blend the colouring using a blending nib and Dorso oil for a smooth finish.

8.) Over the diagonal pattern grid, emboss the dots of the border on either side of the bauble.

9.) Turn the parchment to the front, line up the dots over the same border on the plate and perforate the holes inside the border (left side of the photo) and picot cut between all the perforations (right side of the photo). I love how the hexagon perforations fall out as stars when picot cut.

10.) To finish, layer and mount the work on black and white card using brads and stick this on folded white card. Add a little sparkle using Perga Glitter, mapping pen and Perga Glitter.

I love doing parchlets because they are quick and fun. Great for practicing various techniques on too. If you want more parchlet inspiration, why not join us on the Parchlet Treasures FB group page at

Looking forward to meeting everyone coming to Leyburn tomorrow.

Take care. Enjoy.

Love and Laughter


  1. Thanks for sharing the process of this parchlet. Have a great time tomorrow at Leyburn.

  2. This is gorgeous. Thank you for the tutorial. Can't attend Leyburn on hols have a great time.x

  3. Hi Tina
    Beautiful card love your parchlett designs and you have demonstrated the new picot dies perfectly
    Sorry won’t be at Lebrun tomorrow as I’m away on holiday have fun Tina with all the team and all your fans will be thinking of you all.
    Say hi to everyone for me.
    Hugs Theresa xx

  4. Lovely Tina. See you tomorrow. Xxx

  5. OH WOW! Such a find! Step by Step photos for me to follow along! I LOVE YOU TINA!!! This is exactly what I needed! I hope you continue to take step by step photos of your work in progress! It makes it easy to follow along! LOVE This Blog!!You are Simply The BEST!! Hugs! Nancy in New Jersey USA